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Can you the track down Roy Marshall the missing casino cheat who vanished from his Las Vegas jail cell?


The Vanishing Gambler by The Mystery Agency is an escape-room puzzle to play at home. Themed around a missing casino cheat Roy Marshall, who vanished from his Las Vegas jail cell, you will need to use all your powers of deduction and logic to solve a baffling, mind mangling sequence of clues to crack combination locks, piece together the information and solve the mystery yourselves where the police have failed. 


You’ll need to hack into Roy’s bank account and even go undercover yourself. And it hasn’t been made easy for you – the document wallet itself has been padlocked and you will have to work out the combination just to get started!


To solve The Vanishing Gambler you’ll need to launch an investigation across the pieces of evidence supplied in the box as well as discover secret websites that are hiding important clues.  Over 25 life-like pieces have been beautifully designed with extraordinary attention to detail and the set even features authentic ceramic casino chips and an embossed credit card.


The Vanishing Gambler is utterly compelling and thanks to the stunning tactile pieces, you will rapidly find yourself immersed into the case. It takes approximately 60 to minutes to solve – but could last a lot longer! If you get stuck, there are tiered hints available online to help you. 


Play alone or make it the perfect reason to invite friends around for a themed mystery party. Best of all, when you’ve solved The Vanishing Gambler you can repack it to share with someone else and challenge them to beat your time!

The Vanishing Gambler Game

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